About Us . . .

Welcome to our website devoted to buying and selling vacant land across the USA.

To begin with, please note that LandForSaleStore is not a licensed real estate brokerage firm, nor does it need to be, but even better, an internet marketplace and brand name through which vacant land is bought and sold directly as a “For Sale by Owner” transaction.

In business since 2012, we save you money because we typically cover all costs which means you don’t have to pay a real estate agent’s commission, escrow costs, title fees, etc. No hidden costs for you as either the seller to us or as a buyer from us. We will even pay back taxes, liens, penalties, etc. within reason and we handle the whole process for you – everything.

Typically,  larger transactions are closed through a local title company or other entity, according to state law, once our simple agreement is signed and forwarded to them for closing. The title company or other entity then receives and disburses any monies, clears title and records the new deed in favor of the new owner exactly as any real estate agent would do.

Or, for inexpensive properties typically valued below $5,000, we may close the transaction ourselves using a mobile notary as the 3rd party for your convenience. Either way, our process ensures the complete legal transfer of ownership and 3rd party safety of your funds.

Here at LandForSaleStore we want to go a step further, to show that we are really committed to your satisfaction, and also offer you a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.*

And in addition to our vacant land marketplace, we also have our LandBuzz blog on our home page. Here, we will do our best to post provocative commentary, interesting articles and educational content that has some connection to land. Please join the discussion with your thoughts by sending them to info@landforsalestore.com.


Also, when shopping for land, just click the “green” BUY icon at the upper part of the home page. This is the “Store” feature of the website where you can leisurely shop from all of the properties we have to offer. Just click on any picture and you will be taken to the listing page for that property. Back on the home page however, you can quickly see our special properties in the right hand column.


About Us . . .

“Hi, John here from LandForSaleStore.”

“For years I struggled to discover solid investments in real estate. Then one day I discovered that in real estate, the real value isn’t in the building, but in the land it sits on.”

“Now I have so many great properties that I started a business to offer the endless supply of them I find to other people just like you.”

“And since we own most of our properties ourselves, properties that no one else has, that gives us the flexibility to finance purchases and make land affordable for everyone.”

“Please check our prices against the rest of the marketplace and if you are still not convinced we are offering a great bargain, go ahead, make us an offer.”


And So . . .

Feel free to pass along your comments about our website too. We want it to be responsive to your needs.

We hope professionals and novices alike will find something of interest here. Come back often and please sign-in for information we think you will find enjoyable. But don’t worry – not too often.

If land is what you’re looking for then shop at Land For Sale Store

We appreciate your business.





* Except for any regulations, assessments, laws, etc., unforseen at the time of purchase and assuming the property has not been materially altered or any construction commenced upon it. A processing fee may be assessed.