Economy Up or Down?

If you own land it doesn”t really matter……….

Property prices in most areas of the country seemed to have bottomed and in some areas things seem to be ever so slowly improving. If this is the beginning of the usual up part of the cycle then this is a good time to own real assets such as land. A rising tide lifts all boats so an improving economy will only help land values.

There are however, others who are predicting another crash, possibly sometime in 2013, One part of this scenario is hyper-inflation which again would increase land values but the general wisdom is to raise cash or invest in real assets like land.

In this era of uncertaintity, as a hedge, it is best to own something, rather than just a piece of paper or a website account number. You could of course go into precious metals but you have no control over their value. Or maybe real estate, but who wants to deal with tenants, even if you could find them. But land can be leased, reconfigured, subdivided, used to produce income or even to just enjoy.

Think about it and let us hear your thoughts.