So You’ve Decided To Look For Land?

Well, if you’re reading this then you are in the majority of people who begin their search for property on the internet or a land listing website like this one. This statistic isn’t surprising because in this day and age most consumers begin their searches for property on the internet. In fact, , in a February 12th post, LandThinkPulse publishes a survey that bears this out.

On this website though, since the beginning of the year, we have noticed a significant increase in responses to properties posted for sale. This year seems to be bringing out the buyers – even if so far, many are just looking.

So if you have property you want to sell, now is a good time to put it out there as the lookers will soon become buyers. And you can do that easily here on this website.  Just click the SUBMIT YOUR PROPERTY HERE tab at the top of any page and follow the instructions.

But for those who are finally looking and even buying, we here at LandForSaleStore, and I’m sure others are curious too, as to what motivated you. What caused you this year to suddenly start looking for property. Why now?

Have you suddenly become employed again? We have talked with many people who have mentioned that they have just started a new job. Are you more optimistic about the future of the economy? Are you looking for solid investments in a real asset like land? What is it that motivated you?

Some responses we have already received from an email survey we did indicates a general, more upbeat outlook for the near future. This is not uncommon as we finally begin another swing upward in the normal up/down cycle of real estate. In fact, there are those that say they can come close to predicting up/down swings in regional real estate markets like, but regardless, there seems to be a consensus that things are getting better and will continue to do so.

So we would like to suggest sort of an informal survey and if we get enough of a response we will publish the results for everyone to see. Just send an email to with your response to this question. “So you’ve decided to look for land, huh. Why?”

 And yes, we may add your email address to our mailing list which so far has only sent out two emails but as always, you will have the option to opt-out and never be bothered again. So really, not much risk at all, is there.

So please, take just a few minutes to share your thoughts on why you, or someone you know, became interested in vacant land this year. Our hope is that your responses will help people who have land to sell to get out there and sell it which in the end benefits everyone.