Who Is Buying Land Today?

Well, for one, we are here at LandForSaleStore. In addition to this blog we also buy and sell land ourselves. We routinely send mailings to land owners around the country looking for motivated sellers. If you have a property you really aren’t interested in anymore, for whatever reason, click the SUBMIT YOUR PROPERTY HERE tab or give us a call at 1-888-205-6090 or email us at info@landforsalestore.com.

Who else wants land? Other buyers are as many and as varied as the stars in the sky. If you have land to sell, don’t fall into the trap of thinking everyone is just like you and thinks of land exactly the way that you do. They don’t and what you need to do is get your property in front of as many people as possible to find that one buyer who falls in love with your property.

People may want to play on it, i.e. use it for recreational activities like riding motorcycles, hunting, camping, etc. They may like the geology of it, i.e. gemstones, gold or even for fossil hunting. They may like the seclusion of it or the view from it or the weather around it. They may have land next to it and want to expand or maybe park a mobile home on it or, in many cases, actually build on it.

Some see it as a way to make money. They may seller finance it to generate a passive income stream. They may rent it for farming, parking or storage. They might rezone it to a higher and better use making it much more valuable. They may hold it for future appreciation or “flip” it to make quick money.

We had one buyer who bought a half acre residential lot in SE Florida in an avocado grove. He didn’t even live in the state but was very interested in the lot. When asked why he wanted this particular property he said, “I have been looking for vacant property in SE Florida because I think prices are at the bottom now and will appreciate nicely in the coming years.” This is an example of speculation.

So you see, the reasons are many and varied for people buying property. But the idea is to get it out there in front of as many people as possible and the internet allows you to do just that. We provide one place here on this website and there are many more. Owning land can be an exciting thing as evidenced by some of the richest people in America,


Start your adventure today, right here.