Acreage in Pearce/Sunsites, AZ

SUNSITES is an attractive community of around 1,500 people whose  well-maintained homes surround its championship golf course with its abundant greenery.

Sunsites, AZ

Sunsites, AZ

Within about an hour of Tucson and at an elevation of 4200 to 4500 feet with mild year round weather is the beautiful unincorporated village of Sunsites, Arizona. ANd immediately to the south is the town of Pearce and therefore these two communities are usually referred to together as Pearce/Sunsites, AZ. This is wide open Arizona high desert surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges.

Full of history, the area gained fame as the land of the great Apache Chief Cochise. The Cochise Stronghold just to the west is where he held off his enemies for many years. And also just a few miles away is Tombstone, AZ – the town which is “Too Tough To Die” and the scene of the shootout at the OK Corral.

Local activities are ranching and farming although most of the land west of Sunsites to the Dragoon mountains is zoned residential. And in the town of Sunsites itself you can find an 18 hole golf course, shopping, library, restaurants, several churches, a fire station, post office, bank and medical facilities.


We actually have two properties for sale, each comprised of two 1.07 acre lots side-by-side. Both are in Unit 1. Unit 1 is up against the Cochise Stronghold in the beautiful Dragoon Mountains. Each rectangular block in this unit contains 16 lots. This area is a little more remote from the town of Sunsites but closer to the mountains and all they have to offer. We also have some individual 1.07 acre lots in the same area if you are interested.

Sunsites 2.14 ac 4

The first pair of lots totaling 2.14 acres are on the south side of a road one south of Oracle between N Desert Rd. and N Garden Rd. This road is called W Trigger Ln. further west and E Horse Country Rd. further east. The actual lots are the 3rd and 4th lots off of N Desert Rd.

Sunsites 2.14 ac5

The second pair of lots are on the SW corner of W Redhead Rd. and N Palisade Rd. Again, 16 lots in the block and these are the first two off the corner

Sunsites 2.14 ac 1

The only paved road in the area is Ironwood Rd. Most other roads are unpaved, as you can see in the picture below, but well maintained as there are numerous residents in the area as well as ranching and farming activities.

View North Towards Properties

View North Towards Properties

Electricity is available along N Pinto Ln. Water is by well or storage tank and sanitary is septic – all when you decide to build of course. Natural gas is not available but bottled gas is a possible alternative. Alternate means of generating power are by sun, wind, gas or diesel generators.  The telephone company will extend service service to the property for phone and internet.

The Sunsites/Pearce/Tombstone area of Cochise County was the classic old west as we see in the movies with indians, gunfights and ranching. Those things are mostly gone now but the area still has that heritage and that wide open old west feeling. If that feeing is what you are looking for then these properties could be just for you. Beat the baby boomer retirement rush and lock in your parcels now.

If you have questions or are ready to buy, please contact us via the Seller Information at the top of the right hand column.

We want you to be 100% satisfied so please let us know what works for you.


Listing Type: Vacant Land, Multiple Lots
Closing costs:
Payment options/terms:
County: Cochise
City: Pearce/Sunsites
State: AZ
ZIP: 85625
APN#: 11803401, 402
Legal Description:
Size: 2.14 Acres, 1.07 Acres
Dimensions: Approx. 300 x 300 Ea.
Roads: Unpaved
Utilities: Elec. nearby, septic, well
Taxes and Dues: Taxes $50, POA $110/yr.
Terrain: Flat to rolling desert
Zoning Info: SR-22

Additional Features:

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