W e l c o m e & B e g i n S h o p p i n g H e r e

IN BUSINESS SINCE 2012, WE OFFER VACANT LAND FOR SALE ACROSS THE COUNTRY THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS, NO ONE!  Buying land from the internet can be a little scary right? I mean, what if it’s a scam or maybe it’s your 1st time and you don’t want to make a mistake. Well, we’ve been in business […]


What Are Lot Lines, Setbacks, Easements, Etc.?

Let’s say you’ve decided that buying some land, or a lot sounds like a good idea.  You begin searching the internet websites, like Landwatch, Zillow, Craigslist, etc. as most people do and you run across one or more terms common to this type of real estate that you don’t fully understand. Terms like lot line, setback, easement […]

I’ve Never Bought Land Before – What Do I Do?

We get it. Your income is limited yet you still want to go out to nice restaurants and have fun with your friends. Buying a house or condo is just too much right now. And who knows where you’ll be in a year or two. You want the freedom to go anywhere and live life […]

Want To Know How Big An Acre Is ?

How big is an acre – a unit of area commonly used for measuring tracts of land? In our business, this is an important word as most properties are defined in some fraction or multiple of an acre. So what is it and where did it come from? And how big is it?

How Far Above And Below Do You Own?

Article courtesy of Today I Found Out On paper, the concept of land ownership sounds very simple- you pay money and in return you’re given unfettered access to a predetermined amount of land. But how much of that land do you actually own? Do you own the sky above it? How about the land below […]

8 Financial Mistakes To Avoid When Building A New Home

Article courtesy of US News & World Report: Sep 28, 2015 Even if you love where you live, if you own a home that you purchased from someone else, you’ve probably looked around your house before and wondered: “What was the builder thinking?” But not everyone goes that route. Plenty of people pay to have […]

Who Is Buying Land Today?

Well, for one, we are here at LandForSaleStore. In addition to this blog we also buy and sell land ourselves. We routinely send mailings to land owners around the country looking for motivated sellers. If you have a property you really aren’t interested in anymore, for whatever reason, click the SUBMIT YOUR PROPERTY HERE tab or […]

So You’ve Decided To Look For Land?

Well, if you’re reading this then you are in the majority of people who begin their search for property on the internet or a land listing website like this one. This statistic isn’t surprising because in this day and age most consumers begin their searches for property on the internet. In fact, , in a […]

Land Prices and No Banks

This is a rewrite of the original blog post on this website but it has never been more true than today. What if we solved the housing crisis ourselves – without the banks, that”s right – no banks, without the corporate homebuilders and without the high prices? Who says you need to beg for a […]

Sweet Spot For Land Prices

Now is the Sweet Spot for Land Prices I was on the phone the other day researching the land market with a small local builder. He was an older guy who had come back out of retirement to take advantage of the improving home building market in his area. The one comment he made that […]

Opportunity Knocks – Don’t Miss It?

So we get it that you’re upset you missed selling your property 5 years ago when it was worth considerably more. We speak with people all the time who express this feeling. “Five years ago my property was worth (considerably more than today) so how can I sell it now for (considerably less) and lose […]

The Trend Has Already Begun…

So here we are at the beginning of yet another year. But will it be any different than any of the past few years? And what will happen to property prices? Is now a good time to buy?

Comments, Properties, Taxes, Etc.

Well, in the last few months this blog has been inundated with spam, spam and more spam. For the few of you with legitimate comments we apologize. However, we do go through most of the comments and the ones that seem legitimate have been noticed and we thank you for those. As this blog is […]

Economy Up or Down?

If you own land it doesn”t really matter………. Property prices in most areas of the country seemed to have bottomed and in some areas things seem to be ever so slowly improving. If this is the beginning of the usual up part of the cycle then this is a good time to own real assets […]

Land Is A Real Asset Too – Right?

So everyone says stocks, bonds, the euro, in fact the world economy is shaky so where do you put your money? The common answer has been real assets like gold and silver and possibly real estate. But what better asset is there than land. Even if you buy real estate the value of it is […]