5 Acres In Canyon Del Rio, NM


Canyon del Rio


Canyon del Rio is a rural 14,000 acre area SE of Albuquerque, NM in the very northern reaches of the Chihuahua desert. Other cities closer are Los Lunas, Belen and Rio Communities.


canyon Del Rio


This area of Valencia  county is surrounded by Rio Grande Estates and Rio del Oro and is east of State Hwy 47, Rio Communities Blvd. Nestled near the foothills of the Manzano mountains, Canyon del Rio holds tremendous natural beauty along with the challenge of a remote, isolated location.


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Imagine you’ve just turned off Hwy 47, you hear the crunch of the gravel road as you leave the pavement. Driving slower now, you head towards the mountains, passing the few homes already built. Gradually those homes are no longer and the mountains seem larger, closer and full of life. You continue along the flat, dirt road – dust kicking up behind you. A left, then a right, then another left. As you cross the dry wash you stop and get out. Amidst the wide, open landscape with the now, very close mountains as a background, you are at your property.


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The home owners association (HOA) that covers this area, the Valley Improvement Association (VIA), has improved roads to and within Canyon del Rio and has already extended electric power into the area.

VIA continues to be the oversight for Canyon Del Rio and the Rio Del Oro Sub-Divisions and helps to enhance the communities through partnerships with the City of Rio Communities , Valencia County and the State of New Mexico.


Canyon del Rio Lot


This property is 5 full acres and also an opportunity to own land inexpensively close to the mountains and also the nearby cities and communities. There is direct road access, some adjacent desert washes and limitless views of the desert and mountains beyond. Is this property calling your name?


If it is then we should let you know that only one house is allowed per 5 acres. The house must be a minimum of 800 sf., manufactured OK but currently no RV’s or mobile homes. Lots can be subdivided into 1/2 acre parcels and well depths are around 400′.


Canyon del Rio Assessor


From the pictures it may look very remote and it is, but there are neighbors, especially to the south in the foothills of the mountains. And if this property interests you, then they are probably people just like you.


Some 5 Acre Examples:


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In this example above, there is a wash that fills with water when it rains running across the front of the property. This forces the house more towards the back where it is fenced off from the surrounding area. There appears to be a garden next to the house with some sheds towards the back of the property.


nm land for sale

Here, the homeowner has fenced off the back third of the property for animals, leaving the house open to the rest of the property. Behind the house there appears to be some grass, a shed for equipment accessible to the animal area and a small pavilion that may be for relaxation or may cover a well and/or holding tank for water. Solar panels could also easily be installed on the roof of the main house.

These are just some examples of what other people have done with 5 acres. Of course your layout will be different, reflecting your dreams and desires. Why not get started now . . .


OK? You Asked For It. Was $2,995, Now . . .

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CASH purchases will receive a 25% discount and we will also SELL ON TERMS.

$95 down / approx. $90/mo. / 2 yrs.

plus a $195 cash/$295 terms sale, non-refundable doc prep fee.

Call or email us with any questions or to buy.

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Listing Type:
Price: 5 Ac $1,995/$95 dn.
Closing costs: $195 cash/$295 terms
Payment options/terms:
County: Valencia
Address: Valencia County
City: Canyon Del Rio
State: NM
ZIP: 87002
APN#: 1-020-026-110-415-000020
Legal Description: Lot 2 Blk 17 Unit 3
Size: 5 Acres
Dimensions: 363'x600'
Roads: Desert
Utilities: None
Taxes and Dues: 2016 taxes $11.30, VIA $28/yr.
Terrain: Flat desert
Zoning Info: Rural Residential

Additional Features: