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Did you know that . . . . . Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the country, that Maricopa county is the 4th most populated county in the country, that it is growing exponentially and that most of that growth is in the West Valley where the majority of vacant land is.


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Assessor Data Feb. 2016


The twenty mile wide corridor between Wickenburg to the north and Interstate 10 to the south is where city planners predict the fastest growth of Maricopa County will be in the next few decades. It’s all about the water and the west valley is where the water is!

The predicted population explosion is evident in a 2007 Forbes study which ranked four of Maricopa County’s municipalities in the top ten fastest-growing cities in the nation. Those included Buckeye as the second-fastest-growing city, Surprise and Goodyear as 3rd and 4th, and Avondale as 9th. All four of these cities are located in the growing “West Valley”.

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In the far West Valley you will find approximately 19,000 acres of raw desert known as Whispering Ranch. This undeveloped land is becoming some of the most desirable and sought after property in Maricopa County. It is located about 13 miles west of Grand Avenue on Patton Road, south of Wickenburg and west of Wittmann and the Hassayampa River.

Situated in an unincorporated area of Maricopa County, bordered on the south and east by the Town of Buckeye, it was originally subdivided in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s into approximately 3,400 five-acre parcels and 90 twenty acre parcels. At the southwestern portion of Whispering Ranch you will also find the Toyota Proving Grounds occupying about 13,000 acres.

It is also bordered to the North and West by Federal Land (Bureau of Land Management), to the south by the proposed Douglas Ranch development, and on the eastern side by the Hassayampa River, a dry riverbed most of the year but it does flood occasionally. Essentially, it is an island of privately owned land surrounded on three sides by government property.

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Whispering Ranch

This pristine desert area is gorgeous, with abundant saguaro cactus and spectacular mountain views in every direction, (Vulture Mountains to the north, Belmont Mountains to the south west, White Tank Mountains to the south east) and as a bonus, some of the best property values in Maricopa County.

If you love the desert, this peaceful and quiet rural setting is for you. Complete with native plants and animals it is a huge plus for people wanting a more tranquil lifestyle or just looking for an investment that is in the path of future growth. Most of the acreage in Whispering Ranch is zoned R-190, which allows just one dwelling per five acre parcel preserving plenty of room between neighbors.

Whispering Ranch also sits on top of the Hassayampa Aquifer, one of the largest untapped water resources in Maricopa County. The abundance of ground water in this aquifer – and the ease of replacing water usage from the Central Arizona Project canal – is why there is so much planned growth in this part of the West Valley.

On the southern border, the master planned Douglas Ranch development is slated to be the largest planned development in Arizona history, encompassing 100,000 homes, not to mention all of the other shopping, recreation, education and employment development. JDM purchased the 33,800 acre Douglas Ranch in November of 2002, annexed the property into Buckeye, and gained all required entitlements and development agreements.

This land has been Master planned for a self-contained community for 104,000 residential units and 55 million sq. ft of business and commercial use. Douglas Ranch is one of the largest currently planned and entitled communities in the United States. And all of this is just south of Whispering Ranch.

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Our Properties . . .

We currently have only one property left. Keep scrolling down to see the one closest to civilization, utilities, etc. and therefore a little more expensive. Still the best deal however – really!

Before you start though, please note that the R-190 zoning designation for all of these properties only allows 1 primary residence per 5 acres. It can be any size, from a tiny house to the maximum the building code will allow, but only one. No RV’s or Mobile Homes are allowed.

With that said, please continue . . .


Property #1 (available)

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When this area was originally planned the owners basically took a square mile and divided it up into 5-acre parcels without a subdivision plat. That is why you will see the same parcels advertised as both 4 acres and 5 acres because until an actual survey is made the exact size is somewhat open to interpretation. However, rest assured that all of the parcels are the same size and are gradually being surveyed (about $1,000) and confirmed – by law – as the lots are repurchased.

This particular property is a gem because there are many parcels that are in flood plains (red, hatched areas in maps) or remote ares that are hard to reach but this one is not. It is also level and located on Wildcat Dr. near the southeast corner of the Whispering Ranch subdivision – very near paved road at 299th and Peak View. Location, location, location.

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The lot is generally flat, sloping from an elevation at the northern boundary of around 1739′ to an elevation at Wildcat Dr. of around 1732′. Some residents are currently using it as a shortcut to Lone Mountain Rd. but that of course will be abandoned once the property is purchased and posted or fenced. There is also a very small area of brush in the SW corner of the lot that helps screen the property nicely from the road.


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Apr 2016 Photo Looking North Across Property From Wildcat Dr. Towards Vulture Mountains


Utilities should be verified but as far as we know there are none directly to the lot, however, we believe electricity runs up 307th and down Wildcat Dr. to the developed property 3 lots away. There is also considerable pressure from the growing number of active residents who are demanding more county and utility services for their tax dollars. Arizona Public Service (APS) is the current electric service provider and they may still have a $10,000 credit program running towards providing service.


NOTE: The vacant 5 acre parcel immediately left or west of Neighbor #2 (see picture below), further from paved roads than our property, is currently for sale for $21,800. See MLS# 5348386.


az land for saleClosest neighbor with power pole at bottom left corner of lot on Wildcat Dr.


There are also multiple new roadways planned for this area (see picture below). It is only a matter of time as growth moves in this direction before these access roadways become a reality. In fact, construction of Interstate 11 connecting Las Vegas with Phoenix has already begun on the Nevada side. Arizona is still studying potential routes that all go near Whispering Ranch.



 Sales Comps (Property #1)

Lot prices in Whispering  Ranch vary according to how close lots are to paved roads, whether they are level or not and whether or not they are in a flood plain or not as many of them are. Some lots are larger parcels or not comparable in some way such as being in a flood plain, on hilly or sloping terrain or too far away.

Just go to Zillow, Trulia or and search this area. Make sure you check out the “sold parcels” to see actual prices as listing prices can vary substantially.


Considering the factors above, we consider this property to be an excellent short to medium term investment. Not only for the appreciation potential but also as an attractive, developing area in which to live. With the proximity to Phoenix and the path of growth in the West Valley you really can’t go wrong.

And don’t just think Phoenix, you would also be only about 4 hours drive from Palm Springs, CA or Las Vegas, NV as well. And once some of those planned, new roads are completed, even quicker. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this because these lots will soon be selling for $30,000 or more as some already are.


Where do you want to be in 3 years? Hopefully not listening to yourself say, “why didn’t I do it,” or, “I guess I missed another opportunity.” Instead, imagine yourself saying to your friends and family, “yeah, I got 5 acres just outside Phoenix for a steal a few years back.”


 We were marketing Property #1 for a cash price of just $15,975

But Wait . . .

With your 10% cash discount your investment is now only


$14, 375.00

 With a title company closing providing a warranty deed and title insurance.


Remember . . .

  1. Location: Phoenix west valley in the path of growth. Plenty of water too.
  2. Location: Immediately north of mega Douglas Ranch development in Buckeye.
  3. Location: Near proposed I-11 connecting Phoenix and Las Vegas.
  4. Location: Not in a flood plain requiring flood insurance.


Decide now before it’s too late . . .

To get your questions happily answered, or to invest, please contact us via the information at the top of the right-hand-column.

We want you to be 100% satisfied


Listing Type:
Closing costs:
Payment options/terms: Inquire about seller financing
County: Maricopa
Address: Whispering Ranch
City: Unincorporated
State: AZ
ZIP: 85361
APN#: 503-91-297
Legal Description: WHISPERING RANCH UNIT 3
Size: 5 Acres
Dimensions: 330' x 660'
Roads: Desert Roads
Utilities: None but elec. nearby
Taxes and Dues: $183 year
Terrain: Slightly Sloping
Zoning Info: RU-190 One Home Per Parcel

Additional Features:

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