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west texas land


Hudspeth County is a county located in the western part of the state of Texas. It is one of the nine counties that comprise the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas. The county covers 4,566 square miles of terrain in the Rio Grande basin that varies from mountainous to nearly level, with elevations ranging from 3,200 to 7,500 feet above sea level.

Interstate Highway 10 and U.S. Highway 80 cross southern Hudspeth County from east to west, and U.S. highways 62 and 180 cross northern Hudspeth County from east to west. The climate is subtropical, arid, warm, and dry, with an average minimum temperature of 29° in January and an average high temperature of 94° in July.

The growing season averages 230 days a year, and the average annual precipitation is less than ten inches. The County is rich in minerals  and the area has lots of color and even more history. Formerly the home of Paleo and Apache Indians, this land still has many artifacts to find. The foliage includes purple sage, prickly pear cacti, pataya blossoms, sotol cacti and many more.

From the tips of the mountains ranges to the valleys below there’s plenty of wildlife such as muledeer, havalina, turkey, elk, quail, dove and more that is indigenous to the area. Beautiful Mountain views, unspoiled natural terrain, and spectacular sunsets are plentiful. You’ll also find caves in the overhanging cliffs.


west texas land


The town of Sierra Blanca, which roughly translates to “white mountain,” is on Interstate Highway I-10 about 85 miles east of El Paso. Sierra Blanca is also the county seat of Hudspeth County. Nearby cities of Dell City, Van Horn and EI Paso have post offices, lodging, food, gas, schools, medical facilities, shopping and entertainment.


west texas land

However, according to the website off-grid.net, Sierra Blanca was #7 on their list of the, “Ten Best places to Survive in America,” just in case you are ready to throw in the towel on society and live off the land. And apparently many people are. According to a recent landthink Pulse survey, nearly 16% of the respondents said they were very prepared and nearly 45% said they were somewhat prepared to live off-grid.

The Properties

What we have for you are 2 parcels that are over 5 acres each. Each of these parcels together are the two 10+ acre parcels as shown on our maps below. We have the best deeds available, warranty deeds on both properties, and we also have location maps. This is west Texas land at its best.

west texas land

Each 10+ acre mini-ranch in Sunset Ranches near Sierra Blanca is priced below the assessor’s value of $4,635. Land is on sale now. Prices have pretty much bottomed and have nowhere to go but up. Whether you are looking to live off-grid, do some hunting, look for Indian artifacts or just have a place to get away from it all, these are your properties!

Lots 61, 62

Lots 61 and 62 are triangular parcels in the very NE corner of Section 31, Block 71. They are located west of Sierra Blanca and about a mile north of I-10. The land is flat here with nearby, but not that nearby,  railroad track access road and Love Rd. both leading out to I-10. These parcels can be sold separately or together. Remember, each parcel is 5.1 acres. Have a look.


west texas land


 Lots 61_62


Lots 28, 29

These two rectangular lots are about 10 miles south of Sierra Blanca in Section 6, Block 71. They are on a nice hillside at about a 5800 foot elevation. There is also a seasonal wash nearby just to the east with trees. There are some roads in the area but access to these lots is undetermined. These parcels are remote, no doubt about it. If you want to be alone and off-grid then these would be just for you.

west texas land


west texas land


NOTE: We have additional maps in pdf form that show the exact parcels with coordinates so let us know if you are interested and we will send those to you for review.

Resident Comments

Listen to what some Sunset Ranches residents have to say about the area .  .  .

the night time skies can be
awesomely inspiring, and the Milky Way can become like an old friend.

I bought 20 acres for $7,500.00 and now they are selling for $16,000.00 . . . it’s typical Southwestern brush country. I think it’s pretty.

There is water about 400ft. down and you can drill a well and make your own man-made lake as many have done. . . many people have already built their own houses there and are living off solar energy and backup generators. It is quiet and peaceful living . . .

My family and I moved to Sunset Ranches years ago and have been happy ever since. Our water is clean, just like our air. We DO have game to hunt if you know what you’re doing and our livestock have done well. Overall we couldn’t be happier.

I would recommend Sunset Ranches to everyone looking for a warm climate for the winter.

I am thinking of purchasing land in Sunset Ranch. I love the prices . . . I just want to own a piece of our beautiful America!

Call or email to buy or with any questions (see SELLER INFORMATION above right-hand column).

Listing Type: vacant land
Price: Near El Paso
Closing costs: $195 Doc Prep Fee
Payment options/terms: $3950/10 ac., $2250/5 ac., Cash Only
County: Hudspeth
Address: Hudspeth County
City: Sierra Blanca
State: Texas
ZIP: 79851
Country: USA
APN#: 100705
Legal Description:
Size: 5.1 acres each lot
Roads: desert
Utilities: none
Taxes and Dues: $80.39 yr.
Terrain: flat to rolling desert
Zoning Info: Residential

Additional Features:


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