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Area Information

Rio Rancho is the third largest city in the state and growing. In 1961, the Amrep Corp. purchased 55,000 acres and named it Rio Rancho Estates. The city of Rio Rancho was incorporated from it in 1981 and now has a population nearing 100,000. You can access the official website below:

Rio Rancho: City Of Vision

The city centers of Rio Rancho and Albuquerque are only about 15 minutes apart. Santa Fe is around 50 minutes north of Rio Rancho. This property is about 40 minutes from Albuquerque’s downtown although the city of Rio Rancho sees itself as very separate from Albuquerque.

Rio Rancho map


Property Information

This 1 acre lot is just outside the city limits of Rio Rancho in unincorporated Rio Rancho Estates, Unit 9. The future master plan for the area anticipates most growth into Unit 9 since it is the unit closest to already developed areas.

Rio Rancho NM

As you can see in the picture below, growth is gradually spreading into Unit 9 along the major paved roads that have electric lines. Currently there are no utilities to this lot but electricity is close. There is also a county water supply station on Northern Blvd. near Encino Rd. where county residents can purchase and haul water conveniently.


Rio Rancho

This property is also near a small tributary to the arroyo but don’t worry, the property is not in a flood zone but high and dry. In fact Hermosa Rd., currently a dirt road, crosses the tributary which is mostly filled with desert shrubs.

The lot is nicely located with beautiful views of the mountains beyond. Soon this will be very valuable real estate once utilities are extended into the area. But for now, rev up your ATV, get out your dirt bike and put on your boots. This is rural living at its best.


Comparable Values

Rio Rancho Values

This 2012 county map shows Unit 9 prices for 1 acre to be the highest in the area at $8,000. That was five years ago folks and you know what direction prices have gone since then.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because Rio Rancho continues to grow, and Unit 9 is closest to those areas that are growing, as well as to proposed growth areas like Quail Ranch just to the south.

And keep in mind the Paseo del Volcan road extension intended to connect I-40 with US Hwy 550 that will eventually form the western boundary of Unit 9 bringing inevitable growth to the area.


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Listing Type:
Closing costs: $195 cash/$295 terms
Payment options/terms:
County: Sandoval
Address: 1609 Hermosa Rd. SW
City: Rio Rancho Estates
State: NM
ZIP: 87124
APN#: R080773
Legal Description: Blk 31 Lot 89 Unit 9
Size: 1 ac.
Roads: Desert
Utilities: None
Taxes and Dues: $41/yr.
Terrain: Flat
Zoning Info: RRA Rural Res. Ag.

Additional Features: