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SOLD! Valencia  County is one of the original seven counties that comprised the New  Mexico Territory in 1852. The county stretched from Texas to  California and was subsequently subdivided four times in the last  144 years. Valencia County’s population has grown an unbelievable 46% in the last 10 years alone, with many new homes in the area.

It now comprises 1,458 square miles in central  New Mexico, bordering on Socorro County directly to the south, as  well as Cibola County to the west, Bernalillo County to the north  and Torrance County to the east. The county seat is located in the  Village of Los Lunas, 20 miles south of the state’s largest city,  Albuquerque. The elevation is approximately 5,000 feet

The quality of life in the county can be  characterized by a strong sense of community that is enhanced by a  rural lifestyle. Residents of the area have identified peace and  quiet, friendliness of the people, and terrific weather as benefits  that has made this rural setting a wonderful place to live.

In Rio del Oro, where this lot is located out near the mountains, there are no utilities which is just how people like it. Well depths for water range anywhere from 200′ to 400′ deep and residents describe the water quality as very good.  Out there you can also enjoy 360 degree vistas of mountains and  clear skies. And at night the coyotes sing you to sleep.  There are also no city lights so  on clear nights you can sleep on your deck and watch the night time show in the heavens!  It is breath-taking.

The actual lot is a 1/4 acre and as you can see in the photo below it is on a corner at the entrance to a cul-de-sac. Now, most of the roads are graded, even this far out so it is possible to drive to see the lot. And no, there is no cul-de-sac yet but the Google map below will get you right there.

Call or email to buy or with any questions (see SELLER INFORMATION above right-hand column).

Listing Type: vacant land
Price: S O L D ! ! !
Closing costs: Buyer Pays
Payment options/terms: Possible Seller Finance
County: Valencia
City: Belen
State: New Mexico
Country: USA
Legal Description:
Size: .25 acres
Dimensions: 135' x 85'
Roads: Unpaved
Utilities: Unknown
Taxes and Dues: $5 annually
Terrain: Flat
Zoning Info: Residential

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