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Strap on your hat and pull on your boots for a visit to northern Nevada’s Cowboy Country, where jeans are the fashion norm and nobody stands on ceremony. In this region, Old West hospitality is the rule. Cowboy Country is comprised of  Battle Mountain, Carlin, Denio, Elko, Gerlach, Jackpot, Jarbidge, Lamoille, Lovelock, McDermitt, Wells, West Wendover, and Winnemucca. Imagine the incredible freedom you will feel owning land here in Nevada where the air is clean, the vistas wide and life is slow. Discover it for yourself and your family.

Winnemucca is in Humboldt County which is located in the rugged high desert region of north-central Nevada and has a semi-arid steppe climate. Warm days and cold nights. It is high desert at an elevation of 4300 feet. It is bordered on the north by the state of Oregon and by neighboring Nevada counties to the west, south and east. The County’s 9,626 square miles offer some of the most spectacular scenery in Nevada and also a wide array of recreational opportunities. This is a huge, sparsly populated county of only around 18,000 people.

Humboldt County, NV

Nevada’s tax laws are intended to draw new residents and businesses to the state. Nevada has no personal income tax or corporate income tax. Since Nevada does not collect income data it cannot share such information with the federal government or the IRS. Nevada’s state sales tax rate is only 6.85 percent .

The County is also located in a rich gold mining center of the Western U.S. and is the leading agricultural county in the State of Nevada with over 100,000 acres already cultivated. Tourism is also a large part of the County’s economic base due to the large numbers of visitors the gaming industry brings to the area and the draw of the beautiful wide open spaces, historical sites, and great hunting and fishing.

Winnemucca, NV Pinson Gold Mine

The Winnemucca area is in the south central part of the county. The area within 25 miles of Winnemucca is covered mostly by shrublands. After touring a gold mine near Battle Mountain and Carlin, you can sit down for a family-style meal featuring steak, lamb or jumbo prawns in

Winnemucca, NV

one of Winnemucca’s great Basque restaurants. This is the place to get away from it all. To own a part of the country that comprises the vast, open west. The Nevada land rush is on!


Property Details

What we have for you here today near Winnemucca, NV is two (2) parcels of approximately 40 acres each in areas designated by the county as open land districts.  The zoning designation is M-3. The purpose of the M-3 open land use district is to provide opportunities to pursue the leisure lifestyle and other activities in the rural portions of Humboldt County. The following are permitted uses in the M-3 open land use district:

A. Agricultural and livestock activities;

B. Campgrounds and parks;

C. Single-family dwellings;

D. Mobile homes;

E. Farm and/or ranch bunk houses.

Humboldt County, NV

Humboldt County, NV

One property is a 41.3 acre parcel to the west of Winnemucca is just off of the 2-lane, paved Jungo Rd. (Hwy 49), easily and quickly accessible via Bandit Rd (see plat map below). It is flat and has spectacular mountain views in all directions, especially to the southeast with easy access to the town of Winnemucca via Hwy 49.


nevada land for sale


The other property is a 39.7 acre parcel all the way over in the east part of the county and appears to be landlocked. On the county GIS map there is a road shown south of the parcel called Elevenmile Well Rd. It appears to end to the southeast of the parcel at what appears to be an oil well. Mineral rights are not included in the deeds but to drill on your property they do need to pay rent, right?


nevada land for sale


Both properties have been platted (see plats below). This is wide open range land. There are no utilities BUT, the price is right. Land prices have have nowhere to go but up and as you can see below, for the most part, housing prices in the state bottomed  in early 2012. Land prices lag but usually follow home prices. In fact, in early 2015, the county Planning & Zoning Department told us they were getting 5 to 10 calls a week regarding property questions. Now is the time to buy!

Nevada Zillow Home Value Index

In our opinion, these properties represent good medium to long term value. The opportunities for properties of this type are endless and as the baby boom population begins to look for their dream parcel, demand will begin to accelerate price increases. You really can’t go wrong by locking up these beautiful parcels now at our new, wholesale prices.


80 acres of prime western land for very affordable prices. These parcels can be purchased separately or see SPECIAL OFFER below!


BEFORE $12,975

NOW $6,975 – 39.7 acres

plus a non-refundable $195 doc prep fee for cash

BEFORE $16,975

NOW $9,975 – 41.3 acres

plus a non-refundable $195 doc prep fee for cash


That’s $16,950 for 81 acres TOTAL but wait  .  .  .

! ! ! ! !  SPECIAL OFFER  ! ! ! ! !

How about only $15,995 for both parcels. YES, that’s over 80 acres of prime Nevada ranch land for less than $200 an acre. A huge discount off already low prices. Act now and join the elite group of land owners! With valuable land at the right price you just can’t make a mistake!


 ONLY $15,995.00 for both

plus a non-refundable $195 doc prep fee, per property, for cash.

We may also finance. Please contact us for details.


Call or email to buy or with any questions (see SELLER INFORMATION above right-hand column).

We want you to be 100% satisfied so just let us know what will help you to buy these properties.


Listing Type: vacant land
Price: NEW PRICE ! ! !
Closing costs: Negotiable
Payment options/terms: Possible Seller Financing
County: Humboldt
Address: Humboldt County
City: Winnemucca
State: Nevada
ZIP: 89445
Country: USA
APN#: 005-412-03, 007-314-11
Legal Description:
Size: 41.3 acres, 39.7 acres
Utilities: none
Taxes and Dues: Minimal
Terrain: flat to rolling
Zoning Info: M-3

Additional Features:

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Nevada 41.3 Plat

Nevada 41.3 Plat


Nevada 39.7 Plat

Nevada 39.7 Plat