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Tombstone Lot For Sale



Welcome to Tombstone, Arizona where we have a beautiful lot for sale! Tombstone is internationally known for its stormy and storied past. Western legends like Wyatt Earp and “Doc” Holiday became household names after the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral®. Nicknamed the “Town Too Tough To Die” it continues to thrive today.

Tombstone Lot For Sale

TOMBSTONE Chamber of Commerce


As an iconic piece of the old, “wild west” Tombstone thrives on that legacy along with a mild year round climate and stunning scenery. The many shows and performances put on year round bring to life the, “old west” and create a vibrant tourist economy that continues to grow today. Now is the time to invest in land in arizona.

Tombstone Lot For Sale

Just SE of Tucson, AZ, you leave the big city and head into Cochise county. The name “Cochise” might sound familiar because this is where he held off the US Cavalry for many years. The landscape really opens up and there are mountain ranges all around you. As you leave US 10, you gradually ascend into the high desert location of Tombstone – a world away from the big city you recently left.


The Area

Explore Tombstone & Cochise County

But Tombstone is not isolated and Cochise county is not unheard of. Just over the Dragoon mountains, the mineral rich Pearce gold mine has just been purchased by Marlin Gold Mining Ltd. who intends to start production again in the near future. Forget pick axes and shovels, this is a commercial mine with proven veins rich in gold and silver that will hugely contribute to the economic wave about to hit this part of AZ. Don’t miss out.

Pearce Gold Mine

But that’s not all. An even bigger catalyst for the area is the growing wine industry centered around Willcox, the largest wine producing area in the state. You may scoff but wines from this area have been served at the White House and routinely retail for over $30 a bottle. Tombstone even has it’s own Silver Strike winery. This area is a hidden gem with 2 new viticultural AVA’s slated for approval in 2017.

 40 Acre Vineyard Listing We Have For Sale.

And to top it all off, the Sierra Vista-Douglas corridor, just to the southwest, was officially designated the 7th metropolitan area in AZ in 2013. In fact, why pay the high prices in Sierra Vista when just a short drive away in Tombstone your money buys you so much more. So you see, Cochise county has a lot going for it which means your investment in this property at our historically low price is as safe as it gets, whether you build now or not.


The Property


lot for sale in az

As you can see from the map, the lot is rectangular, running from Papago Pl. back to a dry wash. This land is flat, gently sloping towards the wash with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. This is the neighborhood to be in, so close to town yet with large, residential lots. This is the area the city continues to improve because of its proximity to downtown and obviously it is in the direction of growth to the NE.


tombstone az

In Tombstone Territory Estates Unit 1, where this property is located, all of the lots are zoned R-1 meaning one residence per lot and no mobile homes or RV’s.


tombstone az land for sale



Look at some of the pictures below to get a feel for the area. Our eight pricing options follow.


Tombstone Lot For Sale

tombstone az

Looking From Papago Pl. Across Lot


tombstone az

2011 Google Earth Photo Of House Across Papago Pl. From Lot


tombstone az

2011 Google Earth Photo Of House At The End Of Papago Pl.


tombstone az

2011 Google Earth Photo Of House Up Papago Pl. From Lot.



Local Comparable Values

At half an acre, Lot 50 for sale here is larger than most lots in this subdivision, Tombstone Territory Estates Unit 1, where lots typically range in size from 1/4 to 1/3 of an acre. These smaller lots are currently retailing for $5,000 to $9,000 and more. In the picture below you will also see some other nearby 1/2 acre lots listed for $9,000 to $11,000 and higher. See below for our special pricing options including seller financing.


land in arizona

Adjacent Lots For Sale Aug. 2016


Current utilities to the lot include city water and electricity right to the property. Water is no problem here since Tombstone has existing water rights to 25 springs in the Huachuca Mountains dating back to 1881. These springs are only about 30 miles away and there is some current disagreement with the U.S. Forest Service over access to maintaining the pipeline but this will eventually be settled, guaranteeing the uninterrupted flow of clear, cool mountain water.

Sanitary, when you build, is currently by septic system although the current administration has been very proactive regarding utilities and since Tombstone already has a water treatment facility, a sewer system can’t be far behind along with cable and gas. One mayoral candidate even made a campaign promise to, “work with Southwest Gas and Cox Cable to extend their services to the Tombstone Territorial Estates residents.”



We believe this property represents excellent short to medium term value. Cochise county in general is still recovering slowly following the 2008 recession and places like Tombstone currently represent good value. Especially a nice neighborhood like this one with a good half acre in a nice location. Remember the catalysts for growth:

  • A generally recovering economy providing more disposable income for travel and tourism.
  • A local government intent on local improvements, including Tombstone Territory Estates.
  • The re-opening of the Pearce commercial gold and silver mine.
  • A growing wine industry just to the east. Think Napa Valley, CA 30 years ago.
  • Desire for affordable property in a historic location.
  • Did we mention the views – forever vistas during the day and at night, more stars than you can imagine.


Now is the time to buy and it will never be better than our offer to you here today in 2016.


Today, we are offering this one of a kind property for the cash price of only . . .

WAIT . . . keep in mind that we offer a 10% discount off any balance owed when paid in full. This means that if you choose the seller financing option, we will give you that 10% discount off the remaining principal balance after the first payment , if you pay it off early.

But, if you choose to pay cash upfront, you get 25% off immediately. YES, 25%

FYI – this price is less than the assessed value and other property prices giving you thousands in instant equity!

So enough already.

 Was $9,750.00

New Ownership Price



Plus a $195 non-refundable doc prep fee*


But Wait  .  .  .


If our cash price of $6,580 (after 25% discount) is still more cash than you are willing to spend, yet you still recognize the tremendous deal that’s staring you in the face, then how about just $1,750? Will that work for you?

With our LandForSaleStore Owner Financing, a down payment of $1,750 (plus a $295 non-refundable doc prep fee*) and 48 payments of $177.83/month will also put this property in your pocket. And this monthly payment is less than half of the average used car payment which currently is about $376. Surely you can afford that, and think about it, that used car loses value every day whereas land generally gains value forever.

And since we own this property, if you are interested in financing your purchase and want to change any of the terms quoted above, just contact us and let’s work out a package together that works for your finances. Remember, no credit check, everyone qualifies and we even give a 10% discount off the principal balance for pre-payment following the first payment.

*An option to close with title insurance is also available through Pioneer Title in Sierra Vista for additional cost. Please inquire if you are interested.


For Your Questions Cheerfully Answered, Or To Buy, Just Contact John Via The Seller Information At The Top Of The Right Hand Column.


Listing Type: Vacant Lot
Price: SOLD!
Closing costs: Doc Prep Fee
Payment options/terms: CASH/FINANCE
County: Cochise
Address: 348 Papago Place
City: Tombstone
State: AZ
ZIP: 85638
APN#: 109-21-373
Size: .51 Acres
Dimensions: 76' x 245' approx.
Roads: Paved
Utilities: City water, elec., phone
Taxes and Dues: $223/yr.
Terrain: slightly sloping
Zoning Info: R-1 Residential

Additional Features:

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